ADHD assessment for children

We offer a comprehensive ADHD Assessments for Children, Our understanding of neurodiversity, of conditions such as Autism and ADHD, is continually evolving and increasing. An assessment of your child's strengths and needs can help you as a parent to support and nurture, their school to educate appropriately and for the child themselves to thrive and develop positive self esteem.

Reasons to seek an ADHD assessment for your child
  • Your child struggles to concentrate which is having an impact on their learning.
  • They might engage in risky, impulsive behaviours, for example you worry about them playing out because their awareness of road safety is so poor.
  • Your child might have boundless energy, they are always running and jumping about even in situations where they should sit still, for example a family meal at a restaurant.
  • Your child might fidget and fiddle constantly and appear restless.
  • Your child might struggle with bedtimes and sleeping through the night.
  • Your child’s teacher might have raised concerns with you about your child’s ability and behaviour in school.
  • As a parent/carer, you might feel like you have tried and failed to use all the usual parenting strategies but nothing seems to be successful in the long term.
  • As a parent/carer, you might feel exhausted trying to keep up with your child.

The Assessment 


Two of the FSW Psychology team professionals will meet with you and your child at your home or at an agreed time via an online video chat platform. 

Home assessment

After introductions, one of the professionals will spend time with the child’s parent(s)/main carer(s) and complete a thorough developmental history. The other professional will meet with the young person themselves and conduct either a play based assessment and/or an interview depending on their age and stage of development. The gathering of information usually takes about 3-4 hours A further appointment might sometimes be required when cases are complex.

Online Assessment

The first appointment will be with the child’s parent(s)/main carer(s) and one of the FSW Psychology professionals will complete a thorough developmental history. At the next online video appointment, another FSW Psychology professional will engage in a variety of tasks and interactions with your child; tasks will be dependent on the child’s age and stage of development. A further video appointment with either the parent(s)/carer(s) or child might be required. 

Diagnostic conclusion

Once all the information has been gathered both professionals will meet for a clinical discussion and using the diagnostic criteria for ADHD they will review this information; you are not present for this discussion but content will be thoroughly shared with you during the feedback session. An ADHD diagnosis is given when the child meets the diagnostic criteria, these traits have been present since early childhood and their presentation cannot be better explained by another condition, for example Autism. Following the conclusion you will have the chance to discuss with the professionals the outcome, ask any questions and if a diagnosis has been made receive some post diagnostic counselling. This feedback session can take place in person or vie the online video platform.

Following the assessment, FSW Psychology will provide the family with a detailed personalised report, which highlights their areas of strength and areas of need and when given will confirm their diagnosis.

More information about ADHD:

You can find out more information about ADHD at The ADHD Foundation or 

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