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I would highly recommend this professional service to other families and individuals that require an understanding of this complex condition and guidance with any difficulties they may be experiencing.
Autism Assessment
 Freya has been instrumental in helping me overcome difficulties in a clear, professional and approachable way. She's explained certain patterns that were happening and given me strategies to help me move forward, strategies I can take into any future situations that will help again and again. She has a very flexible and friendly manner and creates a comfortable environment with no judgement.
intervention and support

Following the assessment of my daughter for Autism Spectrum Condition recently by Dr Freya Spicer-White and her colleague, Una Carney, we wanted to give some feedback. We were we very happy with the whole process, the assessor and colleague were highly professional and at all times put the needs of my daughter first. I was highly impressed by the care and consideration they displayed and the thoroughness and detail with which they conducted the whole process.


Autism Assessment

Thank you, this has helped me so much. I was extremely worried beforehand, but as soon as you arrived I felt so much calmer. You really listened to me and made me feel included. It felt very natural and I was more relaxed than I thought would be possible. When you came back and told me that I had ASC I felt like you explained it directly, but without making a big deal out of it; this was really helpful. The report made me notice some things in a different way and it really helped me to understand myself. Thank you so much.
Young Person
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and deep insight into my condition which has had a profound positive effect on my recovery…I felt totally relaxed at all times which allowed me to be honest and therefore understand my condition much quicker even than I hoped.

“About three years ago I had descended into an extremely dark and lonely place with my levels of stress causing me to hallucinate and cease to be able to correctly process the world around me. My heart even stopped and I was accompanied with a relentless desire for suicide. Being a neuro diverse father of two young children I knew I needed urgent help from a mental health professional, and I tried hard to engage with the local NHS mental health team. Even after explaining my dire situation, I couldn’t get on their radar or even on a waiting list, despite the best efforts of my  kind GP relentlessly trying to refer me to their department and seeing me daily herself just to keep me going.

So I decided to look beyond the NHS and my searching brought me to FSW Psychology. Dr. Freya Spicer-White responded to my email very quickly and was willing to work with me right away. We got our first session written in the diary and we saw each other weekly for many months, before moving to every two weeks, then every month, then longer.

Freya is an outstanding phycologist. It was obvious to me from the first session that Freya was extremely experienced in working with neuro diverse people like me and was able to (seemingly effortlessly) break down all my problems into much more manageable issues, and she taught me very helpful ways to look at things and deal differently with life’s challenges. Given all the professional experience that she clearly has, I was very pleasantly surprised just how approachable and “human” our sessions were, I found her extremely easy to talk to (and I rarely find anyone easy to talk to). She was patient, kind, funny and serious all when it mattered. Best of all, I now have a permanent imaginary mini-Freya on my shoulder everywhere I go who is always providing helpful guidance.

If I’d not found Freya, I’d today probably be nothing more that a small plastic sign in a garden of remembrance if I’m totally honest. I cannot see any possible life situation, no matter how desperate, where she would not be a rapid and meaningful source of strength and wisdom. I assumed I was beyond repair, but she quickly proved otherwise. I could never recommend her too highly.”


Male Adult
One to one Therapy